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Savory Sampler

Savory Sampler

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A complete gift box sampler of our savory ghee offerings, featuring:

-Pure Caramelized Ghee, 2oz

Pure caramelized ghee is extra clarified butter, handcrafted on an open flame per tradition, ensuring the removal of milk solids. The final rendering is shelf stable and beyond delicious with a rich, caramel flavor. Made from a local (northern CA) source of USDA-certified organic cultured butter, generously shared from pasture-raised cows. This is the base for all of our botanical blends!

-Land + Sea Weeds, 2 oz

Handcrafted ghee,* stinging nettle,* dulse,* ginger,* onion* (*organic)

-Savour, 2 oz

Handcrafted ghee,* shiitake mushroom,* garlic,* lemon peel,* rosemary* (*organic)

-Golden Ghee, 2 oz

Handcrafted ghee,* turmeric* + black pepper* (*organic)