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Complete Sampler

Complete Sampler

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A complete gift box sampler of the following creations:

-Pure Caramelized Ghee, 2oz

-Land + Sea Weeds, 2 oz

Handcrafted ghee,* stinging nettle,* dulse,* ginger,* onion* (*organic)

-Dope + Shroomy Cocoa, 2 oz

Handcrafted ghee,* cacao,* mucuna pruriens,* 5 dual-extracted mushrooms:* reishi, chaga, lions mane, turkey tail + cordyceps, and raw local honey (*organic)

-Savour, 2 oz

Handcrafted ghee,* shiitake mushroom,* garlic,* lemon peel,* rosemary* (*organic)

-Levity, 2 oz

Handcrafted ghee,* skullcap,* lavender,* raw local honey, vanilla bean* (*organic)

-Kava Moon, 2oz

Handcrafted ghee,* kava,* ginger,* raw local honey, cinnamon,* vanilla* (*organic)

-Golden Ghee, 2 oz

Handcrafted ghee,* turmeric* + black pepper* (*organic)

-Inner Beauty, 2oz

Handcrafted ghee,* rose,* he shou wu extract, hibiscus,* raw tualang tree honey (*organic)